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16 year old Sarah Liebowitz has had a rough but fairly normal life; caring for a sick mother, watching over her younger brother and trying to finish her education on the side has taken its toll on her. But after a near fatal accident, she begins having dreams where she is visited by strange god-like beings who reveal to her the truth of her parentage and bestow upon her the powers of a god. Now, Sarah has a chance to be something more, but she must first prove her worth...by becoming a hero.

Latest Comic:

Ch. 1, Prt. 2, pg. 6
Ch. 1, Prt. 2, pg. 6

Patience, Young Padawan

Ah yes, at last, the tale of Vora is finally underway! Please be patient, as I'm still working on this strip. In the meantime, I shall be doing 1 strip a week updates. THANKS FOR READING!

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